December 26, 2010 3 Comments

ohmygoodness how was your christmas? mine was amazing - i discovered glee! oh it is so good. my family and i are planning a brunch outing in middleburg, but secretly i just want to watch gleeeee... is that a bad sign? i need to see what happens between the tall kid and rachel! and if the teachers wife gets the cheerleaders baby. oh i have so much to still discover. anyway, my point in this post. "the most wonderful time" is quickly becoming the "busiest time" of the year. so i hope everyone remembered to take at least a few minutes this christmas to just veg out. clearly, i have mastered the art of relaxing with the whole glee obsession. and i hope you remember to do so as well. ps. southerners, i am very jealous you all got snow on christmas. like its going to be hard for me to be friendly when we see eachother at new years jealous. watch out.

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over the river and through the woods

December 22, 2010 7 Comments

well, more like, over the beltway and through the pat-down-security line... but anyway, i hope you all have safe journeys to wherever christmas takes you this year!

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winter at last

December 21, 2010 0 Comments

i thought since now its finally actually winter 2010, today would be as good a time as any to show you a little sketch of chanel for prefall 2011. happy first day of winter!!

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feather friday

December 17, 2010 4 Comments

jemima lepooch would like to say happy friday and don't forget to shake your tail feather this weekend. or at least shake your foley+corina ostrich and lace swing dress. (she also says, don't worry if you aren't as good at shaking your tail feather as she is, you probably don't have a tail afterall!)

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December 16, 2010 8 Comments

once upon a time, christmas for me didn't mean endless shopping or tacky christmas parties or making lists for santa, it meant one thing: THE NUTCRACKER. in fact my collective memory of childhood christmas is pretty much a blur of party scenes, giant mouse heads and tychovski. anyway, i thought i'd paint a ballerina today since i'm feeling sentimental about all the wonderful excitement of the nutcracker christmases of my past (for any of your hardcore ballet fans out there, yes i know thats a swan, not a sugarplum, relax) and also because i really REALLY want to go see black swan. it is a travesty that i have not seen it yet. it is at the top of my priority list right now.

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don't forget to write

December 14, 2010 3 Comments

hello. i am here to scold you. you see, on christmas, as in every day of our modern lives, there is much emphasis on giving and getting but very little focus on the ritual of thanks and reflection. note writing is a dying trend. and i am here to revive it with my newest note card, "thank you, i love it" even if you are a devoted blackberry addict, you cannot deny that a thank you text is tacky. genuine thanks deserves some good card stock and a moment spent flexing your pen wielding skills in honor of the person who thought of you when they sent you that present. so yes, in closing, my new thank you notes are now available for sale! for just $20 you can buy your self a little box of courteousness this holiday season! here is a larger image of the illustration, the shoes and dress were loosely inspired by a man repeller/proenza schouler look i quite enjoyed a while back... happy shopping!

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first snow

December 10, 2010 3 Comments

it happened it happened! it snowed!!! for 20 whole minutes!! i was flipping through a pretty snow flurry filled spread in W (that was inspired by chronicles of narnia - l,w & w!!) when it started to snow and thought it was only fitting to paint one of the looks. this heroin/suicide chic model in her dior embroiderd silk tulle dress and mokuba ribbon clad-goose were my favorite. i always think birds of a feather are the perfect accessory for extreme ball gowns. forget the little jeweled clutch, grab your chicken and your good to go. and besides, who doesn't love a little haute coutre and poultry on a wintery friday afternoon?? on that note...

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