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its pouring rain and freezing on this thursday morning, what should we do? talk about paris fashion week. or the resurfaced chilean miners....well lets start with paris.... this is alexa chung at the louis vuitton show. alexa's look is what i like to call 'the school dance'... 10 year old boy (peterpan collar and crew neck sweater) meet 10 year old girl (pigeon toe awkwardness with bow shoes and floral a line skirt). In reality i believe whats going on beneath the gray sack is actually a halter dress, but you know what i mean. a classic example of a beautiful woman exercising her right to dress like a prepubescent frump. do you know anyone else who uses the word 'frump' as much as i do? if i were rachel zoe, frump would be the new bananas. and what do you think of my handwritten text mixed with the illustration? i think its time for a 'thank you' card to be worked into my line and you can't really make a thank you card without it saying 'THANK YOU' somewhere. so... food for thought.

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July 25, 2014

Well, as I’m considering myself your biggest blog stalker (or is it #1 fan?-or ok, work has been slow, I’ll admit.) I’ll jump right in here.

I love the use of frump. It perfectly describes how some people simply do not care nor do they seem to notice how they leave their homes every morning. It’s a problem!

I like the handwritten text! I’m also thinking you could definitely come up with a “creative” way to write in the “Thank You” part of the illustration, sort of the way you sign your name, a little hidden, but definitely there. Just an idea. Looking forward to see what you come up with!

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