Woohoo Rue

Hello! Guess what! Rue Magazine just launched its fourth issue about 30 seconds ago (I've been waiting impatiently refreshing my browser for it to upload) and now I can share with you the amazing exciting best news ever: I got to help out! Yes above are my illustrations of Julia of Casa Sugar and Amy of Shelter Pop ! Rue did a spotlight on their blogs in the issue... Check it out! Page 34! I found really entertaining since I illustrated them without ever having met them. So its cool to get to know them in the article. I think we'd get along. Amy's dream client is Suri Cruise (mine too. I think its high time I start illustrating celebrity children) Oh and... Julia, you collect stationery, do you? Call me babe. A most gushingly adoring thank you to Rue for making my dreams come true. And thank you also to Katie of PAPERFASHION for connecting me with Crystal, Rue's editor to collaborate on this project! Ok, now no one bother me for at least an hour. I am going to sit back and read the entire issue cover to cover!

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  • I recognized your name from one of the first few pages! I love your illustrations! The magazine was outstanding and your work really put it over the top.

    • Heather
  • Yaaaaay!! So exciting!

    I haven’t left a comment before but I just wanted you to know how much I adore your work, lady. You have an unmatchable talent :) Sending you nothing but wishes for happiness and success, doll!


    • Julie (brown eyed belle)
  • Congrats!! You are becoming so famous!! :)

    • Karin
  • Wow congratulations honey!!! These are adorable! So happy for you that getting amazing exposure! Kori xoxo

    • Kori
  • I am really LOVING your artwork!

    • Katharina