Happy birthday to Julia! and to Maggie! happy (belated) birthday that is. i appear to be slipping up on my birthday illustration punctuality. these are two of my favorite marathon running girls. in fact, maggie just ran her little heart out all over france in the paris marathon. what a way to ring in a birthday, huh? julia and maggie both embody the classic sophistication of kate spade so julia's dress and maggie's clutch are kate originals. happy birthday friends hope it was a happy weekend for you both!!

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  • Wow! Awesome. I wish I could run a marathon. I can barely hoof it through the mall. Beautiful sketches! Julia reminds me of Jackie O in this one.

    • Karin
  • Beautiful! What a special thing to do for your friends!!

    • Callista Troup
  • of course, thats the most important part!

    • Inslee
  • Great job. I love the details on their manis/pedis.

    • Sabina
  • You are so talented! The one thing I absolutely love about your sketches is the hair! Your hair is also so pretty and artistic.

    • Abigail