Bride & Groom (& me)

Hello! Today I am proud to share with you that my art was featured in Washingtonian Bride & Groom in their new Summer/Fall 2011 issue! Here is an illustration of mine on the Table of Contents page for the magazine and... Here, on the Editors Pick page, my custom illustrations are listed as a great bridal gift. And in case you do not have super human vision, here's a close up of my Kate Middleton illustration and where it says I can provide you with an "adorable sketch of your wedding gown"... Isn't that just delightful? I feel so honored to be listed among other great bridal products like those gorgeous Kate Spade sparkly heels and fellow stationer Hanna Nation's lovely note cards. I was so flattered when Sarah the style editor called me up to ask if she could feature me as one of her picks and even more beside myself with joy when Jill, the main editor called to say they'd like to put artwork on the T.O.C. too! She called me while I was in a cab, running late to an appointment to see an apartment, in a torrential down pour in New York while carrying giant framed illustrations on my way back from packing up the last of the Stationery Show and just feeling generally very flustered (Oh and did I mention, I had a train to DC to catch and about a week worth of emails waiting to be replied to?) So, right when I thought nothing was going right, she called to tell me the exciting news and suddenly everything was right in illustrator land again. Funny how things work out like that, isn't it! Ok, marvelous Thursday to you all. Off to sketch...

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  • Whee! This is so cool Inslee. And a very, very happy Thursday to you too! :)

    • Lauren
  • congrats lovely lady! so excited for you and your big move to nyc!

    • Brittany
  • Congratulations Inslee! That is fabulous! xo

    • Racheljoy
  • This is fantastic! Serious wedding perfection, I love that sketch on the table of contents page! Congrats, so well deserved!

    • Karin
  • Marvelous recognition for all your hard work

    • Barbara Stover