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so, it just occurred to me. I never do outfit posts talking about what I've worn. do I even count as a blogger? what have I been waiting for? I guess I never really think my outfits are that interesting. maybe NYC will coax the inner fashion dare devil out of me and I'll have some subject matter to work with. in the mean time, I thought I'd illustrate an outfit I saw this weekend that struck my fancy. now call me creepy if you must, I'd prefer it if you called me a young Sartorialist, but I found this girl perfectly captivating, sitting at the next table over at dinner on friday night. Like I was really starring and I think I even turned to watch her walk out so I could inspect her shoes more closely... ok, actually no, it was to enviously note how thin her legs are. But really, she was so cute in her lace semi-see-through top and yellow shorts. What a perfectly carefree outfit for a casual dinner out in Georgetown, no?

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  • Well if she looked as lovely as your picture, she definitely looked gorgeous.

    • Lucía
  • Hahah! I do the same thing! I totally stare at stranger girls that dress well! There was a girl in my office that dressed to perfection and I actually told my friend, “wow, I’d love a peek into her closet!” So creepy but, true! I love this. I’m totally envious of long skinny legs too!

    • Karin
  • I would love to see illustrations of your outfits! But this sketch is also too beautiful! I love it!? Was the girl Asian?? If so, I am so totally imagining you’ve sketched a picture of me! haha. Except my leg are not long, slim and slender!!! hehe Love this picture! tres bien! Happy Monday xxx

    • Racheljoy
  • I love it! It is casual indeed, the way you drew her it’s as if she had all the confidence to wear what she was wearing even though it was Friday night :)
    P.S. It’d be interesting to see illustrations about your outfits :)

    • Francia
  • Outfit posts! Outfit posts! And I love this one too – the lace crop top is adorable.

    Hand drawn:
    My Closet in Sketches

    • Lauren