fashionably late

hello! happy late 4th of july here is the illustration i should have posted yesterday, but in honor of the holiday, i did something crazy - i took the day off. so i hope you'll enjoy her despite her being fashionably late. i suppose she could just be summery and nautical, not necessarily just a 4th of july illustration. right? oh and guess what... i moved to new york yesterday! i have officially made the transition!

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  • Congrats!! She should be wearing an “I heart NY” t shirt! ;) Her hat also reminds me of Michael Jackson’s in Smooth Criminal. Random fact of the day. The dress looks so comfy though, perfect for summer!

    • Karin
  • i will post about my NYC findings soon! i love it here so far!

    • Inslee
  • I think your drwaings are so cool. you are drawing the real life fashion.Hat looks like so fashionable with dress.I wish i can draw picture like’s amazing!
    Really Good Job! :)

    • Blair
  • beautiful work! and as a fellow DC resident and artist considering the transition to NYC i am very curious to hear updates about how you are finding it there!

    • nikki
  • Wish we had holidays as such in the UK! Though I guess a holiday for the royal wedding was pretty cool !

    Love the dress Inslee! I love how you mix navy with red. I guess its with the patriotic colours, but still looks great! Nayy & Red. i think i shall change my usual black and red combo, to navy and red! Great inspriation!

    • Racheljoy