so... I don't really have a back story on this sketch. But these bookends would look perfect strutting around the Hamptons, don't you think? Arriving in New York on Monday, July 4th meant every single person I ran into was talking about how much fun their weekend in the Hamptons was. I am intrigued. I must explore this mythical place! Man... look at me, I've been in new york for less than a week and I am already trying to figure out the fastest way to the beach! But really, it is TOO HOT here. And now that I am sans car, there is no quick retreat into air conditioned oblivion when the going gets rough. Seriously missing my car's "MAX A/C" button right now... Ok, back to hanging curtains and putting up picture frames. Almost all set up here!

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  • Hamptons Jitney! It is beautiful there and the houses are gorgeous. Stay cool!! I’m not normally a shorts gal, but these are too cute!

    • Karin
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  • I love those paper-bag waists! So cute. I would be in the same boat as you if I were living in New York and feeling overheated… blech.

    • Lauren
  • Wayy cute! :D it tells a story of it’s own to me. Your work opens doors that lead to new ideas for me Inslee, I want to thank you so much for that.

    • Evelyn Julliet