Good morning! So this weekend I am taking a trip BACK to DC. I know, I know, I just got here. Do you know what I'm most excited about (this is sort of lame).... going to visit my favorite patisserie. I mean it will be wonderful to see friends and family, but I have really missed my dear little coffee shop so very much. New York is by no means lacking in the patisserie department, but your first love never really leaves you. Any one who knows me knows how much I love this place and will try to drag you there with me all the time. I think I'll have to get both a plain croissant this weekend annnnd a chocolate one!

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  • Hmm, this place looks familiar? Inspiration from South Street Under? Thats where I first saw your artwork!!

    • Julie
  • Aaah! I am gluten-free but there is a gluten-free bakery in Toronto with the BEST STUFF EVER and I totally look exactly like this in front of their display cabinet! Love!

    • Amanda
  • Your work is beautiful and inspiring. What, in a nutshell, is your process, and your materials. Thank you, from an adoring fan.

    • debra
  • lovely illustration! Your amazing!


    • gina
  • I just discovered your blog and I’m totally in love with your illustration: I love both the subjects and the technique (I’m a watercolor lover myself)

    I’m following you, you are an inspiration!

    Have fun in DC and enjoy your favorite pastries!


    The Red Dot

    • Al