pop of color

thanks to a most cheerful package from the colorful ladies of kate spade new york, i've had two of the most vibrant flower clips perched on my dresser for the last two weeks. sadly for me and my pops of color, there haven't been nearly enough occasions for floral headpieces on my agenda lately. i know, it is a top priority. after all, september here is be a u tiful! but anyway, until i find a moment to hit the town, flowers and all, i thought you all would enjoy an illustrated ode to the #popofcolor campaign!

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  • hmmm we really should have taken pics on the beach of ourselves in these as planned. alas.

    • the radford
  • So pretty! I love the color you used on her lips!

    • Karin
  • are you gonna be making this print as a flat note or note card, it’s very chic!

    • Jem
  • So beautiful! Really liked this illustration! :)

    • Katy
  • girlfriend. skillz. i love that idea

    • Inslee