wreath braid

Oh how I love a good wreath braid... I saw this hairstyle on an olsen twin (which one is this again?) and thought it would be the perfect casual end-of-long-weekend-look for today's post

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  • Your sketches take my breath away. This one is stunning in its simplicity.

    • Nancy G.
  • Amazing how you can take a plain white tee and jeans and make it into something magical by adding just a few pieces. Snaps for you Inslee

    • Evelyn Julliet
  • LOL love that the other person who commented (Laura) knew which twin that is! :) I’m impressed. :D Also: I really wish I knew how to braid my own hair. I’ve tried about a zillion times, but it just never wants to work. booooo

    • giedre
  • i love that you knew that

    • Inslee
  • that’s MK! (I shouldn’t know this.) I think you made every girl want a wreath braid today :)

    • Laura