two designers

meet my two designers! Lynn and Sharon are California-based interior designers who commissioned me to help them create their brand new website. The site showcases this lovely logo and a multitude of well curated collections inspired by design styles from around the country and world. I illustrated a vignette of each of their 16 collections, here's a sampling... this one's called "pinstripe" and i love the giant horns on the glass table... this is "bridgehampton"... who doesn't wish they had a giant squid painting? and "lindenwood" with its shining gold lamps and cheerful cherry color... and 'yountville' - a tribute to the chicness of a muted color pallet. Be sure to visit their website to see the rest of the collection!

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  • So cool! What an amazing job you did!

    • Karin
  • we would like to be painted in all of those rooms!! xxo Jemima & Eloise

    • Jemima Puddle-Duck
  • Looks fantastic!

    • Mary
  • all these pretty illustrations make me smile.
    and yountville is intensely glamorous!

    • sheean
  • i love this post! and yes, that giant squid painting is really really cool.

    • taylor