autumn in new york

Happy Halloween! This perfect fall holiday calls for a foliage post. I mean when I think about halloween I think of pumpkins, costumes, and leaves crunching underfoot. BUT there are no red leaves in New York. What is going on? It snowed on Saturday, but the leaves are still green! How is this possible? Must get to the bottom of this New York weather mystery...

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  • This is gorgeous! I can’t believe it snowed!

    • Karin
  • the wash of the colors is beautiful and transfixing!

    • Jemima Puddle-Duck
  • Too true…more of a November feel compared to an October feel. I was so disappointed to see there wasn’t some Halloween costume on your blog today or something!

    • Evelyn Julliet
  • love the strong colors of this leaf. the simplicity of your illustration is fresh to someone who’s constantly struggling to emphasize details, like me Lol. luv it.

    • sigal
  • This is so beautiful! Autumn is my favourite season =) I love this. x

    • Racheljoy