bride 2

Hello, so it is officially wedding week here! This is another recent bridal project and... the lovely ladies who commissioned it! isn't the frame beautiful?

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  • you are so very welcome!

    • Inslee
  • Gorgeous gorgeous!

    • Karin
  • We were so happy with the sketch, Inslee! Alden and I were thrilled to give such a beautiful gift to Tany for her wedding! Thanks again for making it for us!

    • Holly
  • Inslee, your work is breathtaking! I am new to watercolor and am so inspired by your work. Do you freehand sketch first, then ink, then paint? How do you normally approach a project? I would love some help because I am such a novice!

    • Jamie
  • this is a staggeringly beautiful sketch, Inslee!
    I love how you illustrate transparency!!

    • sheean