matchbook + jacques levine

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  • Mmmkay well I just want to crawl right into this illustration and live there until, say… May? Then I crawl out of it and into one of your beach scenes and live there until it’s December again. Ok? Cool. (this is soooooo lovely and I think those exact slippers are en route to me & I just cant wait!!)

    • Taylor
  • Amazing talent. Must live here, too!!.

    • Wendy
  • Wow, beautiful! ;*

    • Sigrid
  • Ahh! There’s more! Love it! Your Jacques slippers are also in the People Stylewatch gift guide!

    • Karin
  • I saw the magazine two days ago, and i was like…this just has to be Inslee’s but I failed to see the signature so I wasn’t sure! #truefanatheart

    • Ferwa