further investigation: the uniform

Look, it's back: your favorite girl-strutting-in-stilettos pose! And not just one, but two of them! Anyway, the inspiration for this sketch came from my afternoon musings on button downs vs sweaters and the concept of choosing one's uniform. After writing my post about my uniform I started noticing other women's uniforms. It seemed like everyone I saw was wearing either a button down or a sweater. I know I'm a sweater girl and couldn't imagine a button down being my go-to uniform and I'm sure there are women out there who feel the exact opposite. I am going to go out on a sartorial limb here and declare that there are two distinct camps of dressing that can be simply represented by the decision to button down or not to button down. This is clearly a shocking realization which requires many years worth of examination to fully comprehend. It has led me to launch an in depth investigation into why we choose what we  choose on a daily basis. I think it has something to do with the shoulder width in relation to head size. Literally, this is what I walk around thinking about. Being a figural artist means that I am constantly trying to learn more about the human form. I'm always analyzing the way people wear their clothes, why they choose what they wear and how their bodies work in clothes. So watch out, when we're chatting I'm really wondering about the shape of your ankles in comparison to your wrists. Anyway, have I bored you to tears? Sometimes I should just shut up and post the art without a lengthy explanation. This might be one of those times. So without further rambling, happy thursday!

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  • OMG this is hilarious! Let me add to this and say that I am a both button down and sweater person. But on any given day, it depends on how my hair is behaving. If it has lost its mind and curling like mad, I’ll go for a more sweater look so that the collar of the button down and my hair are not at war. When it is behaving normal and kinda wavy, I’ll go either sweater or button down. Its a 50/50 split pretty much!

    • Pooja
  • I love this discussion and the way you view people from an artist’s standpoint. I’d love to explore this further as well as I’m always trying to determine what clothing works for different size/shaped women.

    • Susan
  • the hair-collar war is the worst!

    • Inslee
  • Mine has and always will be the blazer. But you make the sweater & the button down both look just as fab ;)

    • Cameo PR
  • Haha I love your ramblings, they crack me up! I never wear sweaters because it’s just too hot. I suppose if I lived on the East Coast that could change. Anyway, I Love this illustration , whenever you post a swingy haired blonde I think I should go blonde. But then I realize that is a terrible idea.l

    • Karin