time to consign

This is a new illustration I created for Second Time Around, a consignment company based in Boston with stores opening all around the country. The brand is growing quickly (you may have seen them on Bravo's Fashion Hunters) with a reputation for seriously beautiful designer items at amazing prices. They asked me to help illustrate their online look and some of their other branding materials. This girl is designed to remind you that if their closets start to look like this its time to consider consigning and making some space! I had to laugh when I was sketching this because... my closet is so small... I just... I can't even talk about it. I might start crying. But I was able to pull from my imagination of what a normal sized closet might look like and it came out ok!

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  • I absolutely love it! I love every illustrated scene you do for companies and such.

    • Kiersten
  • This looks so great!! I dream of a big closet too, of course.

    • Karin
  • This one is super fun. I love all the bold colors=0)

    • Carol
  • Hi Catarina. Please email me at inslee@inslee.net and we can discuss this. Thank you

    • Inslee
  • Dear Inslee,
    I admire a lot your illustrations, so I would like to ask you if I can use some of your illustrations (some you show here on your blog) on my blog, to display the labels of my blog. In order to illustrate the labels: fashion, contact, gossip. lifestyle, etc.
    My blog’s adress is
    Kind regards, Catarina

    • Catarina Mendonca