inslee + jacques levine + neimans

Stop the presses, big news. Mother's Day is May 13th. And Inslee live-illustrating-at-Neimans Day is May 12th!!! Yes, it is true. For the first time, as a professional artiste, I will lift the veil of mystery and illustrate in public for all to see. On May 12th, I'll be at the DC Neiman Marcus helping Jacques Levine celebrate Mother's Day with a shopping/painting event! If you're in the DC area please come say hello, pick up the newest Jacques Levine styles, and let me sketch you. Doesn't that sound like the best Saturday ever? Say you'll come! To RSVP, email

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  • I’m coming!! So excited to see you work and hopefully get my own illustration to take home with me!!

    • Jill
  • What a great combination of things. Hope you enjoy yourself! I think I’d probably faint under the pressure=0) I’m on the west coast, so hopefully next time!

    • Carol
  • Ok really!! This is so fantastic! Soooo wish I could go!!

    • Karin
  • My mom and I will definitely be there! So excited! :-)

    • Jerrell
  • How exciting! Love the invitation and so wish I could attend to get in on the great offer. Have fun!

    • Phyllis