happy may

Time to change the calendar again! Does anyone know the designer of this gorgeous gown? I had the website saved forever and of course lost it just in time for me to post this. typical. This dress is designed by the talented, Joe Challita!

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  • SO very pretty. I love the flow of the dress=0)
    Great work!

    • Carol
  • Such a lovely illustrations. I love the color choice – it suits May well.

    • Juliette Gold
  • JOE! What an honor that you found this. Emailing you now to sing your praises.

    • Inslee
  • I stumbled upon this sketch of my dress… well done : )

    • Joe Challita
  • I don’t know if you’re still looking for the designer’s name but it’s by Joe Challita. www.joechallita.com

    • Brianne