LWD revisited

i think it was about this time last year that i sketched the little white dress that everyone loved so much. so I thought it was time for the 2012 edition. isn't it funny how much changes in a year? last year i packed away all my closed-toe pointy pumps for the season around memorial day, but this year i want to wear them straight through summer. particularly in mint green. and i used to loath tapered hem lines and any kind of sheer fabric. but i'm starting to want a dress like this. if i can only find it. i swear, if i have one more empty handed shopping trip i'm going to start designing clothes. where do you all buy long dresses? hope everyone has fun plans ahead for the long weekend. i'll be packing up my new summer weekend bag (illustrated above) with a bikini, ten bottles of SPF 100 and heading straight to the beach. ps. buy a print!

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  • I just adore the shoes & bag. Have a great weekend=0)

    • Carol
  • This is probably in my top 5 favorites of your illustrations :).

    • brooke taylor costello
  • Enchante! I love your sketches and this one is my favorite by far because of the dress and the shoes! The shoes! :D

    • Dani
  • Your illustrations are amazing and so inspiring! I’ve just begun to do rough illustrations as a hobby, (not anywhere near yours at all) and yours are so fun to scroll through!

    • Erisha
  • Gorgeous! Happy Summer! I get long dresses at Nordstrom and Anthropologie! I have been wanting one like this too. Let me know of you find it!

    • Karin