resolution to street sketch

So, it's June. And its time for a new resolution. This month, I'm going to resolve to post something on the blog every day. CRAZY, right? I'll never do it.... but I'm going to try. To make it easier to stick to it, I don't think I'll post fully finished sketches every day. Instead, I'm going to sketch someone I see on the street each day - quick and imperfect, just a feeling of a passerby. It's pouring rain in the city this morning, so I'm posting an outfit I remember from yesterday instead of going out in the deluge to find inspiration. I saw this outfit flit past me near Washington Square Park and thought it was lovely.

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  • I love this idea!

    • Carol
  • I LOVE this series already! Can’t wait to see your daily inspo :)

    • Roxy
  • lovely indeed!

    • lissie
  • Yes perfect! I love this look.

    • Karin
  • I love this sketch!!

    • Mary