painting big


Hello! I am so excited to share these new paintings with you guys! I spent the last few days painting something a little bigger for a change...  really big. Like three x five feet big.

This sumi ink & acrylic matador was a commission for the lovely Loren of Loren Hope Designs - stay tuned for pictures of it in her living room once it's framed! I hear she has some Society Social design elements that will compliment it beautifully too.

I also confronted my fears of the sea and painted some sumi octopi (octopuses?). Did you know about my sea phobia? I am deathly afraid of non-land-dwellers and do not eat sea food. It's my tragic flaw.

Here they are... I mean look at these monsters. Why do you people eat this?...

I had so much fun letting my imagination and my brush strokes run wild on a bigger scale. Although the garage floor will never be the same (sumi ink really likes to splatter)

As much as a certain non-pink-chair-allowing roommate would like to keep an octopus to hang on our wall, I plan to make these available for sale. Please contact me if you are interested!

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  • I love the second octopus! Please email me if you do decide to sell it.

    • Alice
  • I absolutely love the octopi! How big are they &
    Have you put them up for sale?

    • Heather
  • What fun these are. Thank you for putting your fears aside=0)
    These are outstanding!

    • Carol
  • So cool! I understand, I saw Jaws as a child and the ocean was always terrifying to me. But, I do love sushi. Probably because it doesn’t look like a whole fish or octopus. Yuck.

    • Karin
  • The matador is really amazing! and the second octopus is beautiful too, probably because you can’t actually see its scary face!

    • Ava