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August 08, 2012 2 Comments


Last night I had a much needed meeting of the minds with fellow independent creatives Roxy Owens of Society Social, Loren Barham of Loren Hope and Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling.

Each one of these women is doing something something uniquely beautiful - and lucky for me - they understand the ups and downs of building your own job from scratch. We got to talking about the little things that drive us crazy, our hopes for expanding our brands, our dreams of sun-filled studios and how finding time for blogging regularly is harder than it sounds.

For example, I had the bright idea while chatting with these inspiring women that I'd sketch them for the blog today. But, just like what we were commiserating about, there isn't time to do it today. Commissions are piling up as I type!

I had to scale back my blogging ambitions and instead illustrate something a little smaller. So here is one of Loren's designs, the Roxy. Isn't it cool? And yes it's named after Roxy herself and she was wearing it too.

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July 25, 2014

Yeah it’s a pretty good problem to have being so popular! So happy I have my commission so one day when you are crazy famous I will have my outstanding Inslee collection :)


July 25, 2014

as insanely busy as it sounds, it’s impressive to look back over your blog and see how far you’ve come since starting it. And it’s awesome that you’re so busy these days with commissions! How long did it take you to start building up this sort of client list? Where and when did you first start finding commissions?

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