Dream Dry

Introducing Dream Dry - the premier location for the ultimate blow out and the latest addition to the Rachel Zoe empire. This illustration is currently gracing their lovely new website landing page.

When the RZ team asked me to create this sketch I was so excited. I mean think about it. Here are three things I love - woman entrepreneurs (like Rachel), illustrating dramatically awesome hair, and supporting the act of paying money for fleeting beauty fixes (like having an expert blow air onto your head for $$$)

This project combines all three, they had me at hello.

Don't you love her expression? The face of a woman who knows she has really great hair. We went through lots of drafts to capture this face. And trust me this face is neither "vixen" nor "hard fashion girl" nor "fresh faced" this is a carefully crafted confident and radiantly beautiful face with just the right shade of RZ-worthy deep red lip. I enjoyed seeing how each revision brought the "right" girl into focus. It spoke volumes for Rachel's finely tuned eye for what looks just so.

Cheers to Dream Dry, go spend money on having momentarily beautiful hair, it's Friday!

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  • Been following your blog forever. You are having beautiful and highly deserved success. So awesome! Congratulations!

    • Amanda
  • Beautiful, I love the red lip.

    xo erica

    • Erica
  • Ohhh revisions! She is gorgeous though, I love her lashes too. I’ve always wanted to try one of these places.

    • Karin
  • Loved my first visit to Dream Dry. Such a beautiful place and vibe. Did Such a nice job!

    • Nancy Bennett
  • this is just beautiful ♥
    I wish I had such hair…

    btw I love your blog, it’s so inspiring!

    • Hanna