Spring is right around the corner... wait, let me slow down. I am really working on enjoying each day of my life and not living in the future. Literally, every morning I drink a glass of water and say to myself, I am going to fully enjoy this day.

You should try it. So zen.

But then I walk out the door and see a million different things and get inspired and start fastforwarding and before you know it, I'm planning out next October and a mental list of things I want to do to my future vacation home in Capri.

So, with that mentality, let's just call it March already.

And, in my book, spring starts in March regardless of what solstice we are in or what the calendar or outdoor temperature is trying to tell us. Mainly because my birthday is in March and I use it as the official jumping-off point for building a spring wardrobe via birthday presents.

I also see March as the first month when it's safe to start taking off a few layers. I always start with my feet. Sayonara boots. So long awkward socks under jeans leaving a mark on my calves. After a long cold winter of over the knee boots, stepping out in some cuffed skinny jeans and a pair of pumps baring just a few extra inches of skin feels pretty racy.

What's the first sign that it's spring for your wardrobe?

ps buy a print

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  • Inslee you are so talented! everything you produce is so elegant and beautiful!

    • Mia
  • Like your blogg so much

    • Samira
  • I drop a heavy coat from my wardrobe ASAP! I also don’t own many chunky sweaters, so I ditch those quickly because I’m sick of having worn them every. single. day. during the winter! As soon as it’s nice enough to ditch the boots, I’ll be a happy, smiley girl :)

    Blonde in this City

    • Rose
  • I really can’t wait until spring arrives, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that today’s snowstorm was the last one of the season. I’m so ready to switch out the dark colours in my wardrobe for lighter and brighter ones – this is the first change for me since the temperatures don’t usually agree and insist on staying cold for longer than I’d like! :)

    I am the same way about June. Growing up I always knew that summer starts in June (the 1st, not at the end of the month!) and it actually makes me a little mad when people say it starts with the solstice :P I’m definitely a summer girl, so once that calendar page is turned, my favourite season begins as far as I’m concerned! :)

    Hope you’re having a great week (regardless of the still cold weather)!

    • Ana
  • what a cutie!

    • Lauren