Beach Experiment


So I was playing around with watercolors yesterday... actually using them as watercolors and not just a vehicle for adding life to ink drawings. It was refreshing to break the mold of my "technique" and turned out sort of cool (I think). I was trying to capture an aerial view of a beach dotted with yellow umbrellas.

It was scary at first, not to try to make it perfect. I even stood up while I was painting it, which I never do. Officially out of the comfort zone.

After a little while I was at it I got so comfortable out of my comfort zone that I even drew on top of it in big thick marker. Don't laugh guys, this is my idea of totally radical thinking. After years of creating art on demand for customers, this kind of freedom felt positively reckless.

What is this waif doing lounging here above/against/in front of my aerial beach? Why is her arm so emaciated yet her rear so voluptuous? What is she holding in her claw? Why does she have a claw?

These are the questions art historians will someday ask and debate when I am discovered long after my own lifetime.

ps. buy a print!

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  • In my opinion your finest work, true art

    • Juliana
  • In family photos I always have a claw resting on somebody’s shoulder. Nobody knows where claws come from, but people have them.
    Love the sketch!

    • Mary
  • Absolutely love this. What a great exersize and reminder to step out of comfort zones once in awhile! {ps would totally buy a print :) }

    • Catherine
  • wow, thank you what a compliment!

    • Inslee
  • Claw? What claw? All I see is a good romance novel in her hand. That is why she is floating above it all!

    Love the outside your comfort zone Art. As a fellow confined perfectionist I plan to try standing up in the middle of drawing.

    • Dana C Thomas