May Day


Happy May 1st! I celebrated this morning by waking up at the crack of dawn to take part in a NYC ritual bonding experience lovingly known as SOUL.

Yes, I went to soul cycle. I paid almost $200 for a five class membership, spent 2 days on a waitlist to get on a bike for this morning's class and laid out my soul outfit last night like a school kid....

And now I understand what everyone has this fiendish glint in their eye about - it really is addictive. It is SO clean, SO happy, SO LOUD. When you're in that little cave of insane pedaling you no longer know that it's seven am and that you have to pay your rent today, you are on an endorphin super highway of cultish exuberance.

At one point Beyonce was sing-screaming at me that I was a sweet dream/a beautiful nightmare and the instructor was simultaneously yelling at us "YOU ARE HEALTHY YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!"

I mean... they had me at hello.

So here's to a wildly enthusiastic May, get excited for Spring! I think the May girl is particularly appropriate as she looks kind of bridal. May is going to be the wedding month next year so I think it worked out rather well.

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  • Yes!!! Soul Cycle is crazy good. In each session I torch at least 1000calories, and leave feeling like a rockstar! Love the company.

    Oooh…love your blog too.


    • Deeyarah
  • Hahah! I have been hearing so much about soul cycle lately! And you meant your new close personal friend Beyonce right? I love it.

    • Karin
  • this is one of my faves!

    • Blair
  • Congrats on setting a date!

    Soul Cycle, huh? I have to admit spin class may have been my least favourite thing that I tried last year…but torching 1000 calories in one session sure sounds worth it!

    • Steph Fowler