summer of superga

Things I love right now - voluminous hair in the form of extremely high buns, retro swimwear and supergas. I am hearby declaring this the summer of these three things. But mostly the summer of superga. Have you tried these shoes? They are blowing my mind. Wearing lace-up shoes is really increasing my walking speed/versatility. And luckily, the higher my bun, the less height I am forfeiting by not wearing heels. win-win!

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  • This is one of my favorite!!! It is winter in Aus at the moment and last summer this is what we were all wearing … i must have like 4 pairs of retro swimmers!!!! I LOVE IT! xx

    • Lib

  • i would love this a print to frame!

    • Jemima Puddle-Duck
  • Love supergas! Super comfortable!

    • Katie @carinesbridal
  • wow , this is amazing , u r really talented
    BTW , do u use makers or watercolors ?
    and what kind of paper do u use ?

    • sam