Erika's Girls

Meet Erika's bridesmaids, I sketched each of these lovely ladies for her to give them to thank them for being a part of her wedding. Aren't they fabulous, each with very unique style and personality?

Erika was such a fun bride. She made a pinterest board for me to showcase each girl's sense of style and matched it with "dream outfits" to sketch them in. It was like playing dress up. We even turned each sketch into stationery...


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  • Hi! email me at and we can talk about drawing tips!! Thank you

    • Inslee
  • Oops! Pressed the submit button to soon!
    - How Many “heads” do you use (How tall are They?)
    - what kind of fineliner do you use? (How Much mm?)
    - do you have any good books that you would recommand?
    Allright, thanks so Much! I hope you answer my questions, but I also know that you are a very Busy woman so Please take all the time you need!
    Big hug!

    • Bente
  • Hi inslee! Let me start off with saying that i absolutely Adore your work!
    I’m a 14 year old girl from the netherlands and i’m really inspired by your work! I draw too, but i just cant really Find my style, my fashion illustrations are always way to detailed so i always mess them up
    I have a few questions that i hope you can answer:
    - h

    • Bente
  • Oh my gosh I love this!!!

    • diana elizabeth
  • I am absolutely in love with these!! So good!

    • Jerrell