hello! today I'm honored to share with you some collaborative work that I am oh so proud of.

Fist, the botanical prints (which you can shop for here) and gorgeous calligraphy which came together to ask our wedding guests to please save the date, and second, the way this project later inspired my sofa design for Society Social's #projectsofa


Confession: I had our wedding calligrapher picked out before I had been proposed to.

I discovered the talented Lynn Titchener a few years ago I knew someday, somehow I'd hire her to calligraph something. Most hopefully the paper for the wedding I had been meditating on since birth for quite some time now.

So as you can imagine, as soon as I was engaged, the first thing I did was begin furiously stalking Lynn with the upmost urgency about the immediate crisis of sending out our save-the-date. We only had 14 months, time was of the essence.

I now realize I was a little over-zealous. What can I say? I was possessed.

Lynn turned out to be a wonderfully calming influence on my hyper-bride energy and loved the idea of having me add some of my art to her calligraphy. We came up with the above design - drawing on her exquisite style of lettering and my watercolor interpretation of the colors and blooms of springtime in Washington DC.


I have been hoarding these botanical prints, wondering where I could frame and display them in my minuscule apartment for months. Stewing over the fact that there was no space left for the botanical gallery wall I had in mind. So, when Roxy of Society Social asked if I'd design an imaginary dream room using her sofa and pillow collection and any inspiration source of my choosing, of course my mind went straight to my botanical gallery wall! I hope you'll stop by Roxy's newly redesigned site and look through her second annual #ProjectSofa look book where you can read all about my inspiration and the inspiration of the other talented ladies Roxy invited to participate in this fun design exercise.

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  • Inslee & Roxy are an aesthetic match made in Heaven….and Lynn too! Inslee’s botanicals and Roxy’s look-book project sofa are delightful to pour over on a very snow day!

    • Jemima Puddle-Duck
  • Ah! This is so beautiful. What a special save the date!

    1.) your wedding date is my due date with baby #2!
    2.) my husband is almost out of his Pappy and he is FREAKING OUT.

    That’s all.

    • Karin
  • Haha! You’ll have much more exciting things to think about, but thanks :)! I’ll be thinking of you and am so excited for you to be a bride!!

    • Karin
  • Congratulations Karin! That’s wonderful news, I’ll be thinking of you on May 17th :)

    • Inslee
  • The Inslee + Lynn duo is unbeatable for the most aesthetically pleasing Save the Dates! I can’t tell you how many compliments and/or questions about the artists I have received since sending them out. Xx

    • Kara