Ferocious February


We made it through January, it's time to flip the page to a new month and slip into something a little racier, grab your pet jungle cat and head out to a three martini lunch. Why not? This is the wonderful world of illustration and anything is possible!

This sketch is an ode to the kind of woman who doesn't return emails, who elopes or just adopts a british accent for the day. There's something so feminine about being a little bit crazy and unpredictable - a little bit like a jungle cat. It is something I can't claim to have any kind of mastery of as a type A, practical, obsessively organized person. But I do admire it in others while I am remembering to always switch out my Britta water filter every 90 days.

This sketch was born out of these three images, and of course my admiration for all things whimsical and powerfully feminine.


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  • i was just so excited to type how much fun it is to see how your painting evolved from the inspirations but see Karin beat me to it!! I love that dress!!

    • Jemima Puddle-Duck
  • Ooh! I love seeing the inspiration! So cool.

    What I would do for a martini….

    • Karin
  • What a wonderful vision, thank you for sharing your inspiration for this wonderful illustration.

    • Meghan
  • Lalalove this image for February! It’s a ferocious alright! Just got back from Africa where I hung out with the cheetahs and leopards- they are beautiful animals! Thanks for sharing your inspiration behind it!

    • Sue Anne