Meet June

Hello! Meet June, she's going to make a mango and avocado salad with a lime vinaigrette later today and her entire wardrobe is comprised of white and varying shades of nautical blues.

And yes - I am back! Married, moved in to a new apartment, and eager to re-enter civilized, email answering, dry cleaning-fetching society and the work force. Stay tuned for more regular blog posting at last!

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  • Bonito!
    Los mercados tienen ese algo especial, tan llenos de color…

    • nogagui
  • Hi there,
    Will June be available for purchase in your shop? Love her!

    • Shelly@ConfettiStyle
  • Welcome Back Madam :)

    • Angeline
  • Welcome back Mrs.! Can’t believe it’s June! Love this.

    • Karin
  • Hey, welcome back!!

    • Harriee