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August 07, 2014 2 Comments






A few recent bridal commissions featuring... gasp... men along with their radiant brides. Yes, I do paint men. Only the most handsome ones of course.

Kidding, kidding, kidding. All grooms are handsome. Giving a girl an excuse to be queen for a day (or a 16 month long engagement) makes any man a perfect tall, dark and handsome gentleman in my eyes. It's really all we want. 





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Jordan Lancaster
Jordan Lancaster

September 10, 2014

How much would it cost for you to do one of these for me? I was married last summer, but this is absolutely beautiful and would love for one of my wedding pictures to be turned into this :)

Jordan Lancaster


August 07, 2014

So pretty! I want a wedding all over again! To the same guy of course ;)

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