Away we go

September 19, 2014 4 Comments

As Summer turns to Fall I am preparing to pack up my bags and move my studio to Spring Street.

I've enjoyed the most fun, exciting, productive, amazing (insert all other positive adjectives possible here) two years in my current studio on Chrystie Street and I'm sad to say good bye to this place that has given me so much.

The sweeping spread of mid town sky scrapers beyond the industrial hodgepodge of the Bowery with the Empire State building as the diamond on top is a view I'll always have engrained on my heart.

Especially on these beautiful fall days when, right at sunset, the clouds turn positively Renaissance Masters on me, all coral pink and golden orange and the buildings start glowing too and the lights start flickering on below making me fall in love all over again with this radiant place...

But, my studio mates, Roxy and Katie and I stumbled upon an amazing, bigger, glossier spot just a few blocks away and we realized it was time to pack our bags. And get this. Spring Street is in NOLITA. My favorite place on earth. Well, maybe technically it's in SOHO, but it's just barely not in Nolita. And it is also approximately 75 paces from my apartment. I know, my life is too easy. 

So. Anyway...

Onward and upward and away we go! Arm in arm, armed only with our strong sense of female empowerment and a fully stocked bar cart, we journey forth! 

Wish us luck as we pack up and head out this weekend. And apologies if I'm a little behind on email next week. 

Also, disclaimer. That is not a sketch of Katie, Roxy and me. Although I kind of wish it was.

Reality is a wee bit shorter than these amazonian goddesses. And none of us are remotely blonde.

This sketch was the original idea for 2015 October Calendar girl. I decided their outfits were too dated in the end (not a one of them is wearing lace up, open toed booties and/or birkinstock sandals) So I benched this sketch and opted for the barefoot mystery woman working the harvest at a vineyard instead. 

But 2012 era footwear issues aside, it is available as a print


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October 25, 2014

I would have thought classic pumps make for a much classier and timeless picture that faddy lace up booties or birkenstocks – no loss they’re not included!
Love the background!

Kristy Woodson Harvey
Kristy Woodson Harvey

September 21, 2014

I just found your site after stalking who did Jennifer Tropea O’Regan’s to-die-for header, and I am officially obsessed with your work! Too gorgeous! Congrats on the move. I know it will be fabulous! xo Kristy


September 21, 2014

Muy bonita y otoñal! ;)


September 19, 2014

Thank God there are no Birkenstock sandals!! This makes me long for real seasons and New York in the fall. There’s nothing like it. Good luck with the move! It sounds fantastic!

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