daphne: street style in soho

November 07, 2014 1 Comment


boots: Joie  |  scarf: Vince


Hello! It is a blustery Fall Friday here in Manhattan. I've had a busy week full of launching my newest and most magnificent product to date, the 2015 Art Calendar and live illustrating guests at the Piperlime Spring Preview. 

I decided such a productive and exciting week warranted a $20 salad of gluten free, organic, free roaming chicken, home-schooled beets and arugula grown by school children in their collaborative garden on the roof of their upper-east side private girls school. 

My favorite place to get such a salad is Cafe Gitane. They only take cash. They do not deliver. Only the finest salads come from establishments that set up such roadblocks. They'd never be caught dead on seamless.com... So off I went to get said salad. 

And who do you think I saw posing on the corner of Spring and Lafayette with little dog at her side? 

Daphne! She was posing for a photographer, in classic fashion-blogger pout/stance. Daphne is a fashion blogger! 

How fantastic. 

For those of you who may not recall, I've noticed Daphne about town here and there and have been captivated by her outfits. And now I know why! Fashion bloggers are always turned out from tip to toe. 

Ok, back to work. Just thought I'd share this tidbit. I hope you have as well-styled a weekend as Daphne is bound to have. 


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November 07, 2014

Personally, I love this-because I named my cabbage patch doll Daphne in 1986. It’s a great name! And of course she is a fashion blogger! Little does she know she has these incredible illustrations of her!

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