Croissant love month

February 01, 2013 12 Comments

Happy February! Or as it will now be known, croissant love month. Why not?

I really don't know how this image ties into anything that has to do with winter or the month of February. I guess she's wearing red for Valentine's day. But regardless of her seasonal relevance, I really like her and her croissants.

Which is rare.

Usually I hate the illustrations I create after I finish them. I'm such a tortured artist. But I actually like her! And am pretty excited about this month!

Get out there and start the weekend right, go wild with pain au chocolat



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girlfriends, i need your help

January 15, 2013 54 Comments


Hello friends. Let's gossip over coffee. We can talk about our feelings and dreams and about how justified we were for throwing that fit/buying that bag/judging that engagement ring. I'll convince you to quit your job and you can convince me to go on a juice cleanse with you.

Ok, well we won't really be together. And there may not be coffee. I will be here, inside my computer and you will be there, inside your computer.

But I do want to have a conversation with you. Because I trust your judgement and love your taste!

I'm working on working smarter this year. And I need your help to do it.

The paper industry is changing rapidly and I need to adjust accordingly. I am going to produce a smaller line of card designs in 2013. Just the cards you need to get through a year full of special occasions and nothing that will lie in the bottom of your desk drawer.

I have a vision of a complete boxed set of my cards that will contain a mother's day card, a thank you note, a birthday card etc... all the essentials to help the modern woman never come up empty handed on those rare few remaining occasions when we still reach for pen and paper.

I want to only produce the cards you all really really want to see. So tell me what you want to see! So far I have ideas for valentines day, birthday, mother's day, thank you, bride, pregnancy.

What do you think? Are there other occasions you wished you had a card for? Or less occasions? Do you like seeing my girls on the cards? Or patterns/objects? Do you like text with the artwork?

Comment and help me plan!  You are the wind beneath my wings!

ps. buy a print

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Emerald Fur

January 07, 2013 15 Comments

Hello! Welcome to the  first sketch of 2013, swathed in emerald fur. I figured what better way to start fresh than with the pantone color of the year?

This sketch is part of a new sketch book I unwrapped on Christmas morning. I immediately fell in love with its delicately gold tipped pages and gorgeous geometric patterned cover.

Which got me to thinking... a sketch book this beautiful before it's even been used would become a treasure once it's been filled with artwork. What would one sell a treasure like this for? ... What if I started selling sketch books? ... Is that a thing? Not a published replica of a sketch book... but the actual physical thing I sketched in, day after day.

I mean talk about a unique coffee table book, right? What do you think?

The wheels are turning. New year, new ideas and beautiful, gold tipped pages to sketch them on.



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Happy New Year 2013

December 31, 2012 7 Comments


Happy New Years Eve. It's almost 2013! Time to release the new calendar girls!

January has a certain confidence in her stride, doesn't she? Ready to tackle a blank slate full of possibilities. I hope to channel this sketch's energy as I prepare for the clock to hit 12.

Right now I'm feeling overwhelmed and a little bit more like a sketch that has just run a marathon and is standing, hands on knees, trying to catch my breath... not that I've ever sketched anyone like that... my girls are always poised.

2012 was a year for the record books for me and my little business. I literally could cry with joy just thinking about how far I've come and about how much love and support and enthusiasm I've encountered this year. I really couldn't be prouder of the milestones of the past year. But with all this accomplishment comes a lot of exhaustion. So, as happy as I am looking back, when I look forward I feel ready to take a nap. Is it really time to start over again, striving to get bigger and better? Is this even possible?

My New Years Resolution is more of a new years wish. So, as I sit in my studio this December 31st, watching the fading light on the Empire State building, I plan to wish on the new years ball that is waiting to drop tonight, glittering into a sea of tourists just a few blocks north, for the courage to continue to grow in this brand new year.

I'm not setting any hard and fast goals tonight. No yoga challenges or flossing regimes or sugar denials here. I'm just feeling grateful and making a wish and letting the clock turn. I have a feeling things will work out with this positive attitude. How zen am I?

Cheers to 2013 and to finding new creativity in the year ahead! Go put on your Furry hats and stride into the future like January here, this year is our oyster!

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bite sized calendar

May 16, 2012 5 Comments

I am doing double back flip handsprings of excitement over this new product - the petite calendar (well, I'm doing them in my imagination, actual back flips would definitely be a bad idea) This is a prototype using the 2012 calendar design, so this particular one isn't for sale. BUT... it's a little taste of what next year's petite calendar will look like. Its 4x5" and it fits in its own little case/stand. Isn't it sweet? I took it on a photoshoot field trip around the house. Here it is posing in my mother's library. Of course she has a swan letter opener and leopard print walls. and here it's posing with its larger cousin, the original 2012 calendar. and now its visiting the little topiary tree I got from Design Darling Oh I just love it. I hope you do too. The 2013 petite calendar premier edition will be available in August. Headed back to NYC tomorrow and I can't wait, stay tuned for more Stationery Show updates!

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