december 2014

December 01, 2014 2 Comments

Happy December!

This is an illustration inspired by the one and only Olivia Palermo, by the way that snow falling makes Central Park feel intimate and hushed like a secret tucked in the middle of the crazed, bustling holiday-addled New York City shopping scene, and by the way that Christmas makes everyone fall in love all over again. 

Shop for this sketch as a print.... because while I urge you to remember that Christmas is about celebrating love, I also realize that you probably need to do some shopping for presents too. 

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It's November, let's bake pies!

November 03, 2014 1 Comment


Happy November! The season of baking is upon us! 

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Ferocious February

February 01, 2014 4 Comments


We made it through January, it's time to flip the page to a new month and slip into something a little racier, grab your pet jungle cat and head out to a three martini lunch. Why not? This is the wonderful world of illustration and anything is possible!

This sketch is an ode to the kind of woman who doesn't return emails, who elopes or just adopts a british accent for the day. There's something so feminine about being a little bit crazy and unpredictable - a little bit like a jungle cat. It is something I can't claim to have any kind of mastery of as a type A, practical, obsessively organized person. But I do admire it in others while I am remembering to always switch out my Britta water filter every 90 days.

This sketch was born out of these three images, and of course my admiration for all things whimsical and powerfully feminine.


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2014 Calendar + Piperlime OMGifts

November 18, 2013 7 Comments


How fun is this!? Piperlime has launched a new holiday product called the OMGift. It's a carefully curated, wrapped box filled with amazing little gifts and my 2014 calendar is one of them!

It's like a birchbox for giving presents, genius right? There's one for the hostess, for the office pal and for your BFF. And while my calendar is obviously the perfect gift for these three (and all other) categories, you can find it in the Office Pal box.

What do you say, pretty neat right? It's just another example of what having zero PR can get you. Just keep working hard, doing what you love and a brief ten years later, one of your products will be included in a small group of products featured on a nationally acclaimed shopping site for a limited time only. Total fairytale rise to stardom, I know. I'm blowing up right now...  People often say things to me like "you are blowing up right now" and I always chuckle inside because if someone from the past heard that, they'd go hide behind something to avoid the impending explosion.

I'm also chuckling because, "blowing up right now" is such an exaggeration. Blowing up is what Skinny Girl Margaritas did. Blowing up is One Direction, Silly Bands and SPANX tights. What I'm doing is really slowly heating to a nice rolling simmer over the course of a decade of hard work and a lifetime of sketching on scrap paper. It's not exactly a Harvard Business School case study, but it's a success I can be proud of.

So here's to this latest milestone - thank you, Piperlime for this fun feature!

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2014 Calendar is here!

August 01, 2013 5 Comments


Here she is! The 2014 Calendar! Just chillin on my Society Social Bar Cart

Can't wait for you all to see each month! I had so much fun creating this edition of my calendar. I put a lot of thought into each illustration, trying to capture the feeling that each month holds, infused with the memories and experience... The saturated stillness of July heat, the frenzy of a new September, the romance of a February night, the perky energy of April... I could go on.

I will look forward to sharing my inspiration for each image with you as we move through the year. Don't you want one now? Can you hardly wait to embark on this book-club-calendar journey with me here on the blog? It will be so enriching! Hurry and buy one!

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