tweeting cusp

June 14, 2012 3 Comments

Do you follow Cusp (@cuspbynm) on twitter? You should! I just created their new twitter icon. Isn't she cute in her DVF dress and Alexander Wang clutch?

I'll be in Georgetown this weekend and may just have to swing by Cusp and spend the check they sent me for this illustration. I swear, I should have been an exotic bird illustrator or something. Then maybe I'd be able to keep a pay check. Every time I illustrate for a fashion company I end up on their website, or in their store, and what do you think happens next? New shoes. Vicious cycle.

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Golden... Man Repellers

January 17, 2011 6 Comments

Goodmorning! So let me guess. Right now you are groggily dragging yourself through your daily blog wanderings and you are getting smacked in the face by picture after picture of Olivia Wilde. Which brings me to my first question of the week - when did Olivia Wilde get so important? I think it happened somewhere in between when she decided to wear the entire market supply of brown tulle to the globes and when she was the first person to show up on the red carpet. I decided to take the road less traveled on this monday after the globes and instead show you my three favorite looks from The Man Repeller this past season: From braving the cold, to getting street styled to strutting about in a birdlike evening gown, this lady is amazing. here she is wearing Carolina Herrera Mongolian fur and... wearing (among many other things) a DIYed Hermes scarf turband, Alexander Wang shoes and TOMTOM jewelry... and finally ready to enjoy an evening of celibacy most elegantly in a H&M DIYed gown and Valentino shoes. So there you have it, my top three style picks from the Golden Repeller. I'll probably break down and later post some plunging Anne Hathaway backlines just for good measure!

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