When in Posi...

August 18, 2015 0 Comments

Hello mes amis! C'est moi, Daphne! Or should I say buongiorno principessa?! 

Inslee wrote that wistful blog post about that ONE TIME she went to Amalfi. #ROFL I swear she's been this dramatic since we were two. 

Anyway, I'm back. I'm spending yet another long, lazy summer in Positano. Holed up in the quaint little Le Sireneuse. Isn't it so nice when a hotel is both affordable and luxurious? 

My dear dearest, Martha, has joined me for the weekend. But because she isn't entirely sure when the weekend begins/ends, she arrived today. We're lunching on the balcony on a first course of prosecco, to be followed by a crisp Ligurian white and all washed down with a quick limoncello before it's time to jump in the ocean.

When in Posi, Marth and I are all about sun safety. So we're wisely sheltered beneath Eugenia Kim feather-rimmed fedoras. We're also all about channeling our inner Italian Goddess. Which means, bearing as much shoulder/clavicle as possible. I think we've nailed that between the tunic-du-jour from Tibi and the daring maxi by Adriana Degreas. And of course, a ferocious Zimmerman gladiator sandal really takes you right back to those super sexy fights to the death in the Roman Forum, n'est pas? 

Where's Doxie today?, you ask... why she's already down sun baithing on the rocks, of course. Doxie takes to Positano like parmigiano to an orecchiette, like pomodoro to bruschetta. She just fits right in with her shiny black fur already looking like she's been drenched in lemony olive oil, ready to luxuriate under that delicious tuscan sun.

She has a bit of a boyfriend these days too. Don't tell her I told you, but she met the most charming long haired standard named Fabrizio outside the fish market yesterday. They were both licking bits of fish gut off the cobblestones when their noses met. Thank goodness I have Martha here to entertain me because all I've heard out of Doxie since is "Fabrizio this, Fabrizio that..." 

Cheers dears, we're off to search for gelato!

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August: Everything and Nothing

August 04, 2015 4 Comments

Oh August! A month that, for me, always inspires a confusing mix of wanderlust and also laziness. The victory lap of summer. The final hurrah of doing nothing and being bored and barefoot, but with the potential for magical and unexpected adventure. The last moments of "school's out" mentality before the rhythm of "real life" starts all over again in the fall. 

I chose to toast this month with a scene from the coast of Italy - a place where being barefoot and bored is a lifestyle that seems to me to be maintained with great conviction. No one else does lazy quite as beautifully as the Italians. 

This is a painting from a memory I have of visiting Camogli, a little town in northern Italy two years ago in August. (Of course, I gave this girl a better outfit than I had on) Camogli for me is the perfect town to embody both the wanderlust and also the stillness that August is for me. It's a walking town - there aren't really any cars, and you enter by first standing, looking down from the vantage point I've painted above - poised atop a hill - and then slowly winding down a meandering path of stone steps dotted with old ladies drying clothes on lines, haphazardly parked vespas and many cats. This descent on foot is an easy, gracefully transition down into this village out of reality. Once you're in the little harbor, it is still, and slow, and peaceful. You can sit and enjoy pasta overlooking the sea for hours while debating where to get gelato later. 

There is such beauty in this Augusty mix of the freedom to do anything and the choice to do nothing. It is a month when I have always felt a great wealth of time. How nice it is to feel very rich at least once a year and in a currency we often feel we have so little of. 

So, rejoice, Augustonians, sit back, relax and watch the entire glory of the sun captured in a single shimmering drop of olive oil falling from a perfectly twirled forkful of mid-day pasta. September is is waiting just around the corner and there will be much, much less time. 


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August 02, 2013 4 Comments


Happy August - a day late! Time to hop on that rusty old beach bike and head into town for some fresh cut sunflowers and soak up what's left of summer this weekend.

August for me is always a time of scrambling to squeeze in as much lemonade and sunshine and white shorts as I possibly can before "school" starts. And by school, I mean, the universal mindset that life starts over again in September.

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Happy August

August 01, 2012 3 Comments

Time for a new calendar page! Happy August!

And even more exciting - time for a NEW CALENDAR!!!  (poor August, she is always getting overshadowed by the release of the new version of the calendar) Thank you to everyone who has already ordered. You are keeping me busy busy busy!

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Happy August

August 01, 2011 4 Comments

Happy calendar changing day everyone! This month illustration was inspired by a look Michelle Williams wore, any one remember it?

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