tutu, aerial view

May 14, 2012 11 Comments

Hello! A giant ballerina for you today. And by giant, I mean like 2x2 feet. After spending the last few years painting nothing but 8x10"s this feels enormous. And it makes me want to go even bigger! Does anyone want to buy this original? Email me. Lets talk about it. SOLD!! Thank you to everyone who came to Neimans on Saturday. Loved meeting you

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March 12, 2012 5 Comments

hello! heres a ballerina sketch to kick off the week, hope everyone is having a pleasant monday

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tiny dancer

February 07, 2012 9 Comments

I spent my days in school doodling my way through math classes, filling pages with these tiny sketches of ballerinas. At the end of class I'd give pages of ballerinas to my friends as locker art. I've been at home visiting my family for the past few days and it reminded me of these miniature sketches. So I decided to see if I still was a ballerina doodle expert and draw these!

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December 16, 2010 8 Comments

once upon a time, christmas for me didn't mean endless shopping or tacky christmas parties or making lists for santa, it meant one thing: THE NUTCRACKER. in fact my collective memory of childhood christmas is pretty much a blur of party scenes, giant mouse heads and tychovski. anyway, i thought i'd paint a ballerina today since i'm feeling sentimental about all the wonderful excitement of the nutcracker christmases of my past (for any of your hardcore ballet fans out there, yes i know thats a swan, not a sugarplum, relax) and also because i really REALLY want to go see black swan. it is a travesty that i have not seen it yet. it is at the top of my priority list right now.

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