Dark & Stormy

June 17, 2013 5 Comments


It's been a dark and stormy spring in New York... and seemingly everywhere else, seeing as every time I turn on the news there's report of another record storm "capable of spawning tornadoes" as the weather.com describes them. I'm now terrified for my life, the safety rest of the country and for the farmers almanac predictions for my wedding (admittedly, not necessarily in that order)

But meteorological fears aside, can we take a moment on this busy Monday afternoon to think about a different kind of dark & stormy? The kind that comes in a highball glass or perhaps a copper mug?

I'm meditating on dark & stormys today because this week I am celebrating the arrival of my very own Society Social bar cart!

  I've been pining away after one of these carts for the past two years and my dream is finally becoming a reality! I'll instagram the crap out of it once it's set up and fully stocked for dark & stormy making, don't worry.

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merry merry

December 25, 2012 7 Comments

Christmas is here! Time to pop the champagne!

Here's my holiday sketch for the Layla Grayce Blog. Hope you and yours are merry and bright this week.

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