It's March, time to head to the patisserie

March 01, 2014 10 Comments


Ok, I'll admit it, I am biased. I think March is the best month. I was born in March. Girl Scout cookies come out in March. The depths of winter are behind us in March and all that is glorious and new is on the horizon... Other fun March facts that we should all look forward to celebrating:

March 11: My birth

March 15:day that Caesar was stabbed to death by Brutus.

March 17: annual my-mom-sends-me-green-hanky-pankys-from-Leppie-the-leprechaun day

March 30th: the monumental one year anniversary of the proposal which launched the shoe hunt

So, with all these wonderful dates of note in this glorious month, I set out to create a sketch that I would want climb right into and live in to honor the significance of these 31 spectacular days. What better spot than the Patisserie? Of course, this doesn't really look like it, and that doesn't really look like me, but the thought of sitting at my favorite spot in Georgetown, and ordering walnut chocolate chip cookies and perfect miniature croissants inspired this sketch.

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palm beach pink

April 12, 2012 9 Comments

Trying out mixing sumi with watercolor... does anyone know if I'm doing this right?! I'm a little frustrated that I don't know anything about this new ink but its also exciting to see what I can figure out on my own. Today is my Grandmother's birthday, so I decided to try a shocking pink in honor of her. She always loved pink, and "palm beach pink" in particular - the brightest of the bright. She wasn't your typical grandmother. Glamorous and aloof, the closest she came to baking me cookies was letting me dress up in her collection of Pucci scarves and reminding me that "you can never be too rich or too thin"... as I said, not your typical grandmother.

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July 12, 2011 1 Comment

Happy Birthday to Lily and Brooke! Lily (above) is simultaneously an avid video gamer and a connoisseur of fine wines.  Don't I have fascinating  friends? She is wearing a dress I made up, inspired by her fabulous taste in feminine silhouettes that usually feature a tiny waist and gorgeous full skirt. She really does have fabulous taste, she's Italian after all. And here is Brooke! She's wearing my very loose interpretation of an Alexander McQueen maxi dress with a belt and large geod ring - a staple of Brooke's jewelry collection. She's a California hipster living the dream in San Fransisco. So naturally, she is toting a fedora and wearing her signature aviators. Happy Birthday to you both, Love you!

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May 12, 2011 9 Comments

Happy Birthday to Briana, one of my most beautiful friends, inside and out! Back when we were in college she was OBSESSED with the color pink. Shes since grown out of this phase, but I couldn't resist giving her a touch of fuchsia as a nod to the endearing memory of her all pink freshman dorm room! Alright ladies (and gents... are there any gents?) I'm off to the National Stationery Show in the morning and I haven't even packed. I will keep you all up to date with the exciting goings on in NYC with lots of pictures. If you are in the city and going to the show YOU BETTER COME SEE ME. Booth 1366. DO IT. Have a wonderful weekend!

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April 11, 2011 5 Comments

Happy birthday to Julia! and to Maggie! happy (belated) birthday that is. i appear to be slipping up on my birthday illustration punctuality. these are two of my favorite marathon running girls. in fact, maggie just ran her little heart out all over france in the paris marathon. what a way to ring in a birthday, huh? julia and maggie both embody the classic sophistication of kate spade so julia's dress and maggie's clutch are kate originals. happy birthday friends hope it was a happy weekend for you both!!

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Katherine in Tibi

February 07, 2011 5 Comments

Hi... meet Katherine! Katherine is a financier-turned-flower-enthusiast with angelic strawberry blond curls and extreme dance moves. Also, it was her birthday on Saturday. And because I do not blog on weekends, I am sharing this with you now as part of my newly instated plan to celebrate my friends birthdays with illustrations. Katherine is wearing the stylings of the fashion magpie: Tibi dress, accents of emerald jewelry, and Louboutins. It was so fun to pick out an outfit for her, I can't wait for the next birthday of someone fabulous to style and illustrate. Happy Birthday KP! xoxo

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Let them eat cake

July 13, 2010 8 Comments

This is for all you summer birthday people that suffered through elementary school without getting to have a party at school on your day. Actually, I'm thinking of using this as a Birthday Card for sale on my website. Flat or folded? That is the question.

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