The Sketch Book — Birthday sketch


Happy Birthday to Mary Marshall! I hope your day is filled with more cupcakes than years you are old!


happy birthday lizzy! lizzy is not turning 3 as this sketch might suggest. but in the time i've know her i've seen more adorable baby pictures of her than i have of myself. and for good reason, she was THE cutest kid. lizzy spent her childhood enjoying oversized, high fashion accessories (such as these gaga-esque shades and large bow) and she still today can be spotted as the best dressed person in pretty much any scenario. so happy birthday to you, my pet! such a beautiful day in NYC...

anne russell

happy birthday to the most entertaining and energetic person i'll ever meet, anne russell... i hope your birthday is full of striking poses, preferably on table tops, you vixen you! artistic side note: ive recently become obsessed with illustrating digitally using the wacom tablet. its so nice to try something different from watercolor this week. what do you think ?


a happy birthday sketch for laura! her birthday was friday but i thought this monday could use a little laura-ness too. she's been my friend longer than any one else in the world. shes always been there to imagine beautiful things with me. even when she's jet setting half way around the world, we are always close. i'm sure she'll laugh when she see's how i've depicted her, as shes the number one fan of the simplicity of a white cotton dress, but i couldn't resist dressing her up...

haley and ashley

happy birthday last week to haley and...

happy birthday this week to ashley! love you guys!