January 18, 2013 11 Comments


I am in love with this blog Lily Says Go

Apparently everyone else already knew about it? Ahh where have I been? And I took one look at her and said to myself, "this girl is a dancer". Lily, am I right? I just know it when I see it. That awareness of how a dancer holds herself.

I realized this sketch would have been way more fun a month ago. But you know what, why don't we just get started getting excited about next Christmas now. This outfit has me fast forwarding to the merriment already.

And the best part about it? She made that amazing tulle skirt out of an old prom dress.


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outfit post

June 27, 2011 6 Comments

so, it just occurred to me. I never do outfit posts talking about what I've worn. do I even count as a blogger? what have I been waiting for? I guess I never really think my outfits are that interesting. maybe NYC will coax the inner fashion dare devil out of me and I'll have some subject matter to work with. in the mean time, I thought I'd illustrate an outfit I saw this weekend that struck my fancy. now call me creepy if you must, I'd prefer it if you called me a young Sartorialist, but I found this girl perfectly captivating, sitting at the next table over at dinner on friday night. Like I was really starring and I think I even turned to watch her walk out so I could inspect her shoes more closely... ok, actually no, it was to enviously note how thin her legs are. But really, she was so cute in her lace semi-see-through top and yellow shorts. What a perfectly carefree outfit for a casual dinner out in Georgetown, no?

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Woohoo Rue

March 22, 2011 10 Comments

Hello! Guess what! Rue Magazine just launched its fourth issue about 30 seconds ago (I've been waiting impatiently refreshing my browser for it to upload) and now I can share with you the amazing exciting best news ever: I got to help out! Yes above are my illustrations of Julia of Casa Sugar and Amy of Shelter Pop ! Rue did a spotlight on their blogs in the issue... Check it out! Page 34! I found really entertaining since I illustrated them without ever having met them. So its cool to get to know them in the article. I think we'd get along. Amy's dream client is Suri Cruise (mine too. I think its high time I start illustrating celebrity children) Oh and... Julia, you collect stationery, do you? Call me babe. A most gushingly adoring thank you to Rue for making my dreams come true. And thank you also to Katie of PAPERFASHION for connecting me with Crystal, Rue's editor to collaborate on this project! Ok, now no one bother me for at least an hour. I am going to sit back and read the entire issue cover to cover!

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