pass the sangria

March 14, 2013 5 Comments


Here's a bridesmaid luncheon invite I recently designed. The hosts told me they planned to serve sangria so I went with that theme. Look closely, we even gave the disembodied hand here a canary diamond, just like the bride has. Get in touch with me to commission your own shower invites!

I thought this would be appropriate to share today as I have bridal celebrations on the brain. I'm packing my suitcase and painting my nails neon pink, I'm off to a bachelorette party in Miami this weekend.

I hope to tap into some great ideas for bachelorette weekend invites while I'm soaking up the South Beach lifestyle or at the very least some colorful blog material for next week. Stay tuned!

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February 17, 2010 0 Comments

Hello bloggettes, how are you? I have missed you on this long stretch on non-blogging. The blizzard compounded with a trip to Colorado resulted in a casual 8 day weekend for me, so my apologies if you thought I'd abandoned you. Here is an illustration that I just used for a bridal lingerie shower, what do you all think... would it be a fun new flat card?

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