Whats Hot, Whats Not

February 09, 2010 2 Comments

Above you have both Lavender and Lavender 2.0. The first was one of my most popular note cards for the past two years, the second is a fresh new take on the old favorite which arrived (just as the first snowflakes started terrorizing us yet again) this evening, ready to be boxed up and sold as flat and folded cards! Although Lavender was so popular that we sold out again and again, I decided that instead of reordering it was time to reconsider her outfit. After all, I drew her in 2007 in preparation for the 2008 calendar and so many new subtle little accents to the way we dress have come in to play since then. While I love the old illustration's flirtatiousness, the more I studied her the more I began to think she looked a little too much like a flasher... I mean, why does she have a lavender mini-trench on with shoes that would really only be appropriate with at least 14 more inches of hemline, or for black tie affair? What is a mini-trench anyway? Furthermore, Why does she have an antique hat box? Does not make any sense. Also... bare legs? not just bare legs... THIGH HIGH bare legs? What was I thinking? Slut! After this assessment I had no choice but to bring Lavender into the new decade with a subtler shade of purple for her cape, driving gloves and some fancy tights. Also, no more barrel curls. And voila - Lavender 2.0. I kept one touch that still worked - the cupcake box she's carrying (because I predicted the future of what would be hot in 2010). And I'd like to also point out that I predicted the Gossip Girl-fueled headband obsession of last year in my original sketch too. Anyway, I hope you all won't miss the old option too much and that Lavender 2.0 will soon be flying off the shelf! To order a box of the new Lavender, click here!

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