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mid day in paris

celine fashion illustration Inslee By Design paris The Sketch Book

A recent commission that I thought you all might like. This is painted from a snapshot taken in Paris. It was hard to work though my jealousy over the fact that they are in Paris AND carrying Celine but I somehow pulled it together long enough to paint. The girl carrying that enviable Celine bag, the glamorous Methayelle, has a lovely tumblr blog. You should follow!

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celine fahsion illustration fashion photographer Inslee By Design The Sketch Book

Hello! Just a little snapshot of details to brighten this blustery Friday. I love how fashion photographers are zooming in on delicate real life moments of fashion feng shui so I figured I should start illustrating in the same way. I love that this is the kind of woman who wears driving gloves and fits all her worldly necessities into a periwinkle alligator skin clutch. I mean would sell my first child for a huge Celine bag but... to float down the street with a clutch in your perfectly manicured hand and a croissant in the other, that is a...

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