Celebrare il loro matrimonio...

September 04, 2013 6 Comments

Buongiorno principessa!

This week I will be exploring this beautiful little town with my mom (illustrated above in this wedding invitation design). We will be in Recco, Italy to celebrate the wedding of a wonderful friend, Chiara to her soon-to-be wonderful new husband, Marco.

Recco is an important part of Chiara's family history. I've been hearing about how beautiful it is all my life, as each summer her family return from their annual trip to tell us all about it. I've been waiting for decades to see this special place and can't wait to finally be there and see if my illustration does this amazing view justice.

Life is good, isn't it? But, you know what might not be so good? My ability to keep up with email correspondence this week. Hang in there everyone, I'll try to get to all of you as soon as I am back next week!


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Chiara in a Cape

September 27, 2012 2 Comments

Chiara of The Blonde Salad at Milan Fashion Week in this amazing cape, confirming my suspicions  that she really is a sketch come to life.

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mid winter LWD

January 20, 2012 13 Comments

It's freezing in new york and we are lost somewhere in the middle of January. This means the end of chic for me. Winter has been here for weeks and appears to be here for the rest of eternity. I do not care if you think I look homeless wearing mens sweatpants over my jeans and clutching handwarmers. I just dont care. Get me inside. So when I stumbled upon this refreshingly inspired way to wear a LWD (little white dress) I knew I had to sketch it. I feel warmer already just seeing this outfit. Spring will come after all. In this sketch, Chiara of The Blonde Salad is wearing a multi-print Giambattista Valli jacket over a white lace dress and glowingly coral heels. I am going to meditate on this combination of springlike outfit elements until conditions improve. Happy Weekend!

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blondes have more... missoni

May 10, 2011 9 Comments

Hi friends! Do you all keep up with Chiara, blogger of The Blonde Salad? Shes beautiful, Italian and judging from her blog header, has my kind of sense of humor. I loved this outfit she posted recently. Neutrals, check! Big sunglasses, check! Color popping lips and missoni shawl, check! All my favorite things.

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