2nd Annual Black Friday Sale

November 25, 2011 2 Comments

Happy Black Friday! Enjoy 30% off all of my inventory by using the promo code SALE at checkout!

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baby cakes

May 24, 2011 2 Comments

Hi! Sorry for being absent this week, the NSS catch-up work has really had me tied up! So since I don't have a new sketch to share, I wanted to show you a project I'm working on: Baby Shower Invites! I'm considering orienting them vertically instead of my usual horizontal set up. What do you think? These two are for a boy's shower. A fun challenge, since so much of what I do is lady-centric. And then this one could be sort of either/or... Or any shower really! And one last cake for the road... I saw that cake on Pinterest, my new favorite thing. If you are ever looking for a quick pick-me-up just type "baby" into the pinterest search and see what pops up. So sweet. And here is the invite I'm printing today (I've changed some names and addresses so.. ya know, you can't go catfish on these nice people) Ok, I'm going to be busy/out of town for a few more days. Don't  give up on me. I promise exciting news and lots illustrations in the coming weeks! Oh and PS!!! All my pictures from the Stationery Show are in an album on the Inslee By Design Facebook Page

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from the desk of...

March 31, 2011 1 Comment

Abbe Fenimore of Studio ten 25! Literally. Shes on the desk. Get it? Abbe is a Dallas, Texas based interior designer who came to me in search of a creative new take on 'from the desk of' stationery. She needed a note card as fresh and vibrant as the spaces she creates. Abbe shared pictures with me of her beautiful office space (complete with loyal assistants aka her pups) and some of her amazing work. And I came up with an illustration to capture Abbe's cheerful, energetic aesthetic for her new stationery. Wish you too had such perfectly tailored custom stationery? Email me!

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