Ella & Rue wish you a Merry Christmas

December 16, 2013 3 Comments


Merry merry from Ella Rue, my favorite vintage shop in Georgetown.

Sisters Krista and Alexa Johnson are the creative lovelies behind this cute, eclectic and designer packed shop on P Street. They were some of my very first commission clients and I always love working with them. I think their holiday card this year might be my favorite yet!

That's Krista on the left and Alexa on the right. And notice Ella and Rue, the store's namesake pups, peaking out around the tree!

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Ella Rue's new site

March 06, 2013 4 Comments

Congratulations to Ella Rue on their new website! I've told you about Ella Rue before, it is a wonderful consignment boutique. Krista, the store's owner and curator, just launched a lovely new website full of cute illustrations by yours truly so be sure to go check it out! This illustration above is their landing page and is a sketch of their cute georgetown shop.

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Trimming the tree with Ella Rue

December 15, 2012 6 Comments

Good morning! I'm just sitting here, drinking my kale juice (which cost a whopping $11 for 17 ounces... highway robbery) and thinking about how much I love Christmas. I love the trees and the lights and the merriment. I loved creating the above illustration for Ella Rue's Christmas card. But do you know what I do not love...


It's happening today.

That horrifying NYC tradition of thousands of drunken 20-somethings dressing in various states of disheveled Santa attire and roam the streets one Saturday every December.

I plan to stay safely in my studio all day creating away and thinking about nativity scenes and sugar plums to ward off the degradation of Christmas that is happening nine stories below.

Ten days till the big show, people! Get your Christmas orders in with me by TUESDAY if you want to see it "in time"!!!

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Ella Rue turns 2

November 09, 2012 6 Comments


Happy 2nd birthday to Ella Rue!

Ella Rue is darling little consignment boutique tucked away on one of my favorite tree-lined streets in Georgetown and today is the 2nd anniversary of the shop's opening!

An old friend of mine, Krista Johnson, started plans for the store right about the time I was starting my commission business. She named the store after her two puppies Ella and Rue. And yes, that's the three of them illustrated above. If you look at her current website - she has a new site coming soon featuring many new illustrations of mine - you'll see one of my very first commission sketches I created for her back in 2009.

I remember our first meeting at Baked & Wired (if you are in DC, amazing cupcakes) to talk about her design, we had no idea what would come of all of this. I'm pretty proud of what both of us have accomplished in the last few years!

Krista has curated a collection of high end designer items and I'm looking forward to popping in to see what she has in store when I head home for Thanksgiving.

So happy birthday to the ER team, I hope Ella and Rue are getting extra treats today!

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